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ENTREPRENEDU Mentoring & Coaching Programme: Insights from Fraunhofer IPK

It was our pleasure to learn more about ENTREPRENEDU Mentoring & Coaching Programme with Henry Nicolai Buxmann, our teammate and Research Associate at Franuhofer IPK.

Please, briefly introduce yourself and tell us more about ENTREPRENEDU Mentoring & Coaching Programme’ goals and benefits?

My name is Henry Nicolai Buxmann, and I work as a research associate at Fraunhofer IPK, specializing in learning and competence management, as well as sustainability. I hold a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Throughout my career, I have gained valuable insights into the topic of sustainability from multiple perspectives, including consultancy, academia, and communication. This diverse experience has allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices and their application in various contexts.

The ENTREPRENEDU Mentoring & Coaching Programme aims to equip young entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and tools to transform their business idea into an actual start-up. Hereby, participants are provided with mentoring on vital entrepreneurial topics.

The Programme includes 6 mentoring modules and yours is about “Business Model Development”. Can you tell us a bit more about the module itself? What mentees can expect from it?

The module “Business Model Development” provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the elements of a robust business model. 

Mentees can expect to be provided with foundational tools and strategic insights necessary for the effective development and implementation of their business model.

The participants of the Programme are winning teams of three HackTheBusiness competitions organised by ENTREPRENEDU. In your opinion, what are key potential takeaways for our participants after they conclude the Programme?

I believe that there are several key takeaways for participants. But most importantly, participants need to go back to the drawing board and focusing on determining what the value is that the business idea brings to potential customers. From there on, the business model can be determined and refined. Hence, is it vital to determine the purpose of the business in the beginning to then focus on pitching and acquiring funds.

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