What’s the challenge?

HackTheBusiness offers an entrepreneurship challenge tailored for young minds eager to explore the vast potential of Sustainability.

The challenge is to propose an innovative business idea that navigates the sustainable landscape and pioneer new frontiers in the eco-friendly industry relating to agri-food, construction, manufacturing and digital and creative industries.

Participants are encouraged to think critically, creatively, and sustainably, aiming to address environmental concerns and contribute to a more eco-conscious and resilient future in these key sectors!

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HackTheBusiness BULGARIA

Who can attend?

If you are between 18 and 40 years old, based in Europe, with a passion for innovation and sustainability - join us! 

The HackTheBusiness competition is aimed at bright minds including students, new startuppers, and researchers who want to acquire entrepreneurial skills and explore their potential.

Contestants can participate as individuals or in teams of up to 4 members.

About the Competition

The final HackTheBusiness will take place in the Innovation Forum “John Atanasoff” at Sofia Tech Park in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 26th and 27th of March 2024.


You and your team will pitch to get an opportunity to participate in ENTREPRENEDU's business acceleration programme, where your sustainable idea has a strong potential to bring real changes into the world, with the help of ENTREPRENEDU mentors.

Apply and get access to:

Business acceleration and mentoring programme

Networking opportunities and professional growth

Interdisciplinary skills and business recognition


How to apply?

Get your free ticket by clicking below!

Note #1: If you are applying as a team, keep in mind that all team members should be registered.

Note #2: If you wish to join us (and we really hope you do), our advise is to apply as soon as possible, as number of tickets is limited.


Take a look at the HackTheBusiness Bulgaria AGENDA

HackTheBusiness Team

Organisers, Mentors, Speakers & Jury members

Eleonora Lombardi

Head of Business Applications Department at Fondazione E. Amaldi & Project Coordinator

Valerio Roscani

Technology Analyst at Fondazione E. Amaldi and
Project Manager
(Organiser, Mentor, Speaker & Jury)

Ina Todorova

Project Coordinator at Cleantech Bulgaria
(Organiser, Mentor, Speaker & Jury)


Katerina Zargani

Associate at Corallia

Daniel Silva

Project Manager at F6S
(Organiser, Mentor, Speaker & Jury)


Anja Stipankov

Communication Manager at F6S

Nektaria Berikou

International Collaborations Manager at Corallia
(Organiser & Jury)


Federica Brunetta

Associate Professor and Head of Executive Masters Luiss Business School at Luiss University
(Speaker, Mentor & Jury)

Henry Nicolai Buxmann

Researcher at Fraunhofer IPK
(Mentor, Speaker, Jury)


Katrin Singer-Coudoux

Researcher and Project leader at Fraunhofer IPK
(Mentor & Speaker)

Achilleas Barlas

National coordinator of EEN Hellas and adjunct lecturer at UTH
(Speaker, Mentor & Jury)

We hacked the business in Bulgaria!