HackTheBusiness BULGARIA All Winners

It’s a wrap: Meet the Winners of the Final HackTheBusiness contest held in Bulgaria

The HackTheBusiness competition, aimed at nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs, reached its pinnacle from March 26th to 27th at the Innovation Forum “John Atanasoff” in Sofia Tech Park, Bulgaria. This event marked the culmination of the HackTheBusiness adventure, serving as the grand finale of three gatherings organised by the ENTREPRENEDU team.

The Final Round: HackTheBusiness Bulgaria

HackTheBusiness Bulgaria offered an entrepreneurship challenge tailored for young minds eager to explore the vast potential of sustainability. In a groundbreaking finale hosted by CleanTech Bulgaria, the third and final instalment of the HackTheBusiness hackathon series sparked a wave of innovation set to redefine Europe’s sustainable landscape. With a sharp focus on green and eco-conscious solutions spanning agri-food, construction, manufacturing, and digital and creative industries, participants were primed to unleash their creativity and address pressing environmental challenges head-on. The goal? To catalyse contributions towards a future that’s not only environmentally aware but also resilient across these pivotal sectors.

The HackTheBusiness Experience

For young entrepreneurs, HackTheBusiness Bulgaria was the perfect opportunity to present their innovative and sustainable business concepts to a panel of esteemed judges and get invited to the ENTREPRENEDU Coaching and Mentoring programme, where they will have all the business support needed!

During the two-days competition, our participants were firstly presented with a challenge: Pitch the innovative and sustainable idea related to agri-food, construction, manufacturing, and digital and creative industries! Afterwards, our participants had hours of hacking time to work on their ideas with the possibility to ask support from ENTREPRENEDU mentors.

But HackTheBusiness Experience is more than just a competition – it’s an immersive journey of learning and growth filled with business tricks and tips presented by ENTREPRENEDU experts, all with an aim to make our participants’ hacking time as effective as possible. Moreover, every participant had the invaluable opportunity to glean insights directly from our panel of judges and mentors, receiving constructive feedback aimed at honing their ideas and strategies to perfection.

Meet HackTheBusiness Bulgaria Winners

After 48 hours of work and having fun, our participants were ready to pitch their innovative concepts, while ENTREPRENEDU team of experts had a difficult task of choosing the top five ideas! With no specific order, a round of applause for creativity, innovative thinking and diligence goes to:

  • LOCAL.,
  • Brick3D,
  • AI School,
  • Foodilizer and last but not least
  • Green team!

ENTREPRENEDU congratulates to all winning teams – you hacked the business in Bulgaria!

The end of the HackTheBusiness chapter

HackTheBusiness events were more than just a platform for brainstorming groundbreaking ideas – they were a hub for forging lasting connections. The HackTheBusiness concept was all about supporting European youth and their ideas, forging business connections and embracing their entrepreneurial path. In this way, our HackTheBusiness participants seized invaluable networking opportunities destined to extend far beyond HackTheBusiness Era.

As the curtains close on this transformative chapter, the legacy of HackTheBusiness lingers, while ENTREPRENEDU journey towards enhancing entrepreneurial ecosystems for European education continues!